Pain Assessment and Management

Pain assessments made easier!

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain management is treated mostly by prescribing opioid medications for the patients so that the patients can continue live a normal life. Prescribing opioid medication is a sensitive topic and the government is taking all the necessary measures to minimize opioid overdosing. A physician, before prescribing opioids should have all the necessary information about the patient and have the patient signup consents, documents and agreements before the physician can prescribe opioids.

Our Solution

Our solution is used in interventional Pain Management Clinics by the physicians to screen, assess, collect data, sign agreements and documents before his/her visit. This tool helps the physician in having the assessment information in advance and complete all the formalities before the patient’s arrival to reduce the time taken of the visit.  

Assessment Workflow

  • The patient fixes for an appointment by visiting the website and logging in into the portal.
  • Once an appointment has been fixed, an SMS message is sent to the patient’s mobile number with a link to complete the assessment.
  • The patient visits the link, goes through the assessment questionnaire, fills up the documents, signs the documents and submit the details. 
  • There are 10 screens of data the patient goes through and finally submits the assessment. 
  • When a physician logs in into the system, the submitted information is available to the physician in a downloadable PDF format in the patient’s appointment information section

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Appointment Scheduling & Management

The providers will be able to schedule appointments, set reminders, reschedule and notify patients of their upcoming appointments steampunk gears png 2616587

Customizable Questionnaire & Workflow

Rule based customization of both workflow and questionnaire. Decision tree support for shortest workflow time triangulo png 1391750

Integrate into your existing EHR System

Launch from within your EHR within the patient context. Also capable of embedding into some of the EHR systems customer icon png 2439584

Risk Score Evaluation

Customizable algorithm for evaluation of Risk Score at the end of the questionnaire. responsive png 963175

Responsive Design

Responsive design to support all devices tourists png 4170348

Support for Android and IOS

Separate apps on Android and IOS platform

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