Encourage Healthy Practices! Reward with Incentives with our Wellness Data Integration Solutions!

Our expertise in collecting, integrating and aggregating wellness and fitness data has helped hundreds of thousands of people in leading a healthy life

The importance of well being

We don’t have to tell how important well being is to lead a healthy and happy life. Just by looking at the number of wearable devices and health tracker apps in the market shows people take it seriously. Can we utilize the wellness data generated from these devices and apps and provide incentives to the users for keeping them well? This is what we exactly do. Our solutions motivate people in keeping them fit and healthy.

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Support for wide variety of sources

We collect health data from various sources using different protocols and formats and store and aggregate them for analytics and study.

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Real time updates

Get real time updates on the activities

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Rule based events

Define events based on rules and thresholds.

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Customizable actions

Define actions - Send notifications, warnings or trigger a workflow based on the events generated

GYM workout Data

Workout data from gyms using flat files

Lab data

Lab results data from medical laboratories using HL7.

Fitness device data

Health data from devices such as pedometer, BP monitor, etc


Health information stored and shared through health apps

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