Share Patient Data and Improve
Patient Continuity Of Care

Solutions that help exchange patient health data throughout the healthcare ecosystem in secure and HIPAA compliant way

LogiCoy PatientDataCentral

PatientDataCentral is a platform to Share, Store and Exchange patient health needs and preferences with participants to provide better continuity of care. Fully interoperable using standards such as HL7, FHIR, IHE to parcipate in health data exchange with various participants such as Healthcare Organizations, EHRs, Pharmacies, State PMP Systems and HIE hubs. 

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Send & receive transaction as the events occur. 

Filter Specific Events plus sign png 524067

Send or receive only those events you are interested in. 

Admission & Discharge Tracking free admission png 6496584

Track patient admission and discharge events across healthcare organizations within an ecosystem

Medication Administration Notifications injection png 5657016

Get notified of all the medications for a specific patient when it is being administered. Filter only for specific medication drug

Analytics Dashboard graph png 451074

Provides you various statistics and graphs on the accumulated data

Share CDA documents between participants share png 2341224

Share CDA documents such as lab reports between care participants

HL7v2 Support

HL7 Message ADT A04

Support for sending & receiving widely used HL7 v2 messaging structure

HIPAA Compliant secure icon png 3851389

Send data to only based on needs to know basis

Our Solutions

Patient Continuity of Care

Patient Care Coordination & Continuation

  • Share patient’s health summary, discharge summary, medication with healthcare providers and payers.
  • Patients should be able to have their data in their control and share only to whom they want to share with

Admission and Discharge Tracking

  • Share ADT events with PDMP Systems
  • Receive HL7 ADT messages from healthcare organizations to track ADT events
  • Realtime processing of HL7 messages and instant updates
  • Subscribe to specific interested patients
  • Filter only for the interested HL7 events
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Medication Administration Tracking

  • Monitor medication administration for specific patients 
  • Capture events when a particular medication / drug is administered
  • Help patient in overcoming drug addiction

Population Behavior and Analytics

  • Analyze the accumulated data on patient behavior, provider behavior, medication drug administration on the population
  • Do big data analytics, study emerging patterns and predict behavior
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Addiction prevention

  • Monitor the prescriptions and the drugs prescribed
  • Get notified on specific MME levels
  • Track Doctor shopping and Pharmacy shopping (Multiple Provider Episodes and Multiple Pharmacy Episodes)

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