OpenESB - A truly Open Source ESB

With its easy to design Netbeans IDE, lightweight server options, you will be able to build and deploy highly available, scalable and high performance integrations in no time using LogiCoy OpenESB

Design Visualization

Netbeans IDE provides visualization of the connections at both module level and composite application level

Drag and Drop Development

Drag and drop the components, connect them and configure them for quick development

Multiple Server Choices

OpenESB can be deployed on Glassfish 4.x or run as lightweight Standalone Java application. 

BPEL Component

Utilize the powerful orchestration features of BPEL Component which is a core component of any design

Hosted Solution

LogiCoy also provides OpenESB as hosted solution on AWS, Google or Azure Cloud


LogiCoy also has OpenESB  made available in AWS marketplace so it is easy to get it up and running

What is OpenESB?

OpenESB is a distributed integration middleware infrastructure (a Java-based open source enterprise service bus) providing Web and non-Web services support, transformation, routing, and orchestration. It is the easiest and the most efficient ESB tool for building Integration and SOA applications. OpenESB was created to help companies address integration challenges and create standardized platforms.

OpenESB is based on various industry standards such as JBI, WSDL, XML and Java. It enables connecting to various heterogeneous systems, gets them together to exchange messages in a standard way and collaborate with each other seamlessly. These standards help in shortening the learning curve, faster development and ease of deployment and managing.

LogiCoy OpenESB Features

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Enterprise Edition

Our Enterprise Edition comes with pre-packaged components with installation wizard and other software tools for large scale deployments alarm clock png 2910059

Periodic releases

We provide periodic releases and updates from open source repository to our customers in addition to bug fixes. phone vector png 1894510

24/7/365 days of support

We provide flexible support options for our clients.

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BPEL Monitor

BPEL Monitor is for technical team to monitor variable level details

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Enterprise admin console

Manage a large scale deployment by adding servers, grouping them together logically. Our Enterprise Admin Console makes administration easier.

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Enterprise application monitor

Our Enterprise application monitor is meant for business users to track the messages between various components and applications part of a larger deployment

Our Implementations in Various Industries


Being in healthcare industry, LogiCoy utilized OpenESB for various integrations such as Wellness data integration, PDMP Integration, HL7 FHIR Integrations, etc.

OpenESB components such as HL7, REST, SOAP, encoders play significant role in developing applications which can produce and consume healthcare messages such as HL7 v2, v3, FHIR, DICOM, etc health icon png 858925 bank icon png 1926999

Banking and Finance

OpenESB has been deployed for large scale banking corporations in Europe and USA as preferred middleware for critical financial transactions

Supply Chain Management

LogiCoy along with partner helped several scm companies to migrate from Oracle SOA to OpenESB successfully. 

With its application level monitoring, alerting OpenESB is the core platform for moving goods from one place to antother delivery icon png 1326036 cell phone vector png 3096849


LogiCoy implemented OpenESB for an European Telecom provider for its MNP platform. OpenESB was able to scale and support hundreds of thousands of transactions per day.

Our Services

Solution Architecture & Development

We provide complete OpenESB solution architecture consulting, development and implementations services

24/7/365 Support

We offer several levels of support such as Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. Our support centers are available 24/7/365 days.

Cloud Hosting & Maintenance

We also host OpenESB solution on Cloud services such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud and provide support and maintenance

Custom Component Development

Do you want to build custom OpenESB Binding Components and ServiceEngines? We can build it for you.

Proof Of Concepts

Do you have an idea in mind but not sure if OpenESB is the right choice? We can do POCs for you.

Custom Tool Development

Do you need an application monitoring tool or an automation tool for your OpenESB Solution? We can build it for you

OpenESB Annual Support Plans


Response Time

Number of Incidents

Software Updates

Email Support

Hot Fixes & Patches

Telephone Support

Enterprise Admin Console

Enterprise Monitor

OpenESB Training


24x7x365 Days - 1 Hour



24x7x365 Days - 4 Hours

Max 30 Incidents


24x7x365 Days - 12 Hours

Max 20 Incidents


Business hours - 12 hours

Max 10 Incidents

Why Choose Us?

We are the original developers of OpenESB in Sun Microsystems when it was called as JavaCAPS. Our team has been working in design, development and implementation of OpenESB for more than 10 years. Our regular releases with patches, bug fixes and updates are done after thorough automated and manual tests. We run over 1000 automated tests as part of the build process. We confidently say our version of OpenESB is stable, hardened, QA tested for large scale deployments.

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