About Us

LogiCoy, Inc. is a California-based corporation founded in 2009. LogiCoy has subsidiaries in the UK and India, as well as a wide network of strategic consultants and partners in the U.S. and around the globe.

Our Vision

To provide better healthcare to patients by enabling affordable access to health and wellness information by collecting and integrating from various sources.

Our Mission

LogiCoy strives to bring all health and wellness information to benefit the patients by offering healthcare integration products and solutions across entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Our Values

Innovation, Customer Obsession, Agility, Ownership and Employee Satisfaction

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Our Journey So far

We started LogiCoy during 2009 recession. When the entire world was reeling under economic stagnation, we saw opportunity in utilizing the OpenSource technology we had. We are the original developers of OpenESB in Sun Microsystems. We still continue developing OpenESB, provide releases and provide various levels of support to the clients. We were given honorary mention by Gartner for development and support of OpenESB products.

When we started LogiCoy, our vision was to make application integration simpler and serving the healthcare community. Our expertise in application integration and healthcare technologies using open source technologies helped us gaining support in healthcare community. Our solutions, implementations and demonstrations for complex healthcare standards such as IHE specifications, SMART on FHIR, HL7v2 to FHIR transformation, HL7 v3, etc proved our identity in healthcare ecosystem. We gained clients in PDMP and since then we have grown to provide a wide variety of solutions to the healthcare community.

Other than Healthcare, we also provides solutions in Banking, Supply Chain Management, Telecom & Health Sciences domains.