We build high performing, scalable, enterprise grade applications at lowest price!

LogiCoy's expertise and experience in the field of Enterprise Application Development goes back to more than 20 years!

Entrerprise Applications

We have experience developing applications for large customers and Fortune 500 companies

Startups Friendly

Our pricing, speed of delivery and cloud architecture is prefect recipe for Startups

E-Commerce Applications

From supply chain integration to web portals for ecommerce, we provide flexible solutions for ecommerce applications

Application Maintenance & Support

Our expertise in understanding technology enables us to quickly understand and adopt the existing application and provide development, maintenance & support

IOS and Android
Mobile Applications

We have a separate team of Mobile application engineers who are experienced in native & hybrid mobile applications for both IOS and Android Platforms 

Cloud Architecture
& Maintenance

We have engineers certified in Cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure Platform. We provide solution architecture, cost optimization, automation, deployment & maintenance for your applications on cloud

Why Choose Us?

We provide our clients with end-to-end application development services, and understand that each business is unique. We customize the app development process depending on the type, size and nature of each business, as well as the specific requirements of the project. We have a proven track record of offering application development services to a range of businesses, from small SMBs and SMEs to Fortune 500 companies

Our Customer First approach has helped us in gaining and retaining Happy Customers!

How we encourage innovation in application development

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Our software architects and developers apply the latest technology to take advantages of the speed of development and features it offers in application development and deployment processes


Our expertise in agile methodology will keep the customers up to date on the development activities. Clients will see the development progress as it happens

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Our dedicated R&D team stays up-to-date with advances in the field to provide our clients with robust, intuitive and efficient application development solutions – solutions that give companies a competitive edge.


Our DevOps and continuous integration processes help release the application much frequently

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