We are basically an Application Integration Company!

Our experience in enterprise application integration services goes back to more than 20 years. We have developed application integration products, Implemented large scale projects in leading industries such as BFSI, Healthcare, SCM, Telecom and Government. Our solutions have been proven reliable, scalable, secure and high performant with the best cost for client’s investments. 

What we offer!

We live in a connected world where no application exist in isolation. With the emergence of cloud and mobile technologies, an enterprise application is a collection of applications connected together and also to external systems.

In LogiCoy, we understand this nature and we believe that to develop such applications we need to understand the different system functionalities, message standards, message structures, protocols, connectivity, security, etc and etc. 

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Project Management

Application Integration involves not only connecting disparate systems. It also needs clear communication and coordination from different teams and external Systems. We provide services from planning the project until Live and then in maintaining it

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Architecture Designing

Designing an Enterprise Application Integration requires understanding Message Structures, Connectivities, Protocols, Message Standards, Products, Frameworks, etc. We design application keeping all these parameters in mind also considering the roadmap and longetivy of all the forementioned parameters

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Proof of Concepts

Technologies & Standards form the backbone of interoperability. Making sure concepts work is an important ground work for a big project. We are experts in reading the standards and specification documents and implementing it with 100% compliance.

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Monitoring Solutions

Every integration needs monitoring. We offer three levels of monitoring. a) Message Level monitoring. b) Application level monitoring c) Business level monitoring. We also build custom monitoring solutions as per the applications need

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Cloud Hosting

Our architects and engineers are certified in AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud Systems. We offer complete devops solutions for integration applications which are highly reliable and cost effective

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Migration Solutions

Enterprise Application Integration are mostly developed using tools such as Tibco, Oracle Fusion Middleware, etc. We offer migration of such applications to any products/tools of your choice. We also offer data migration services from one application to another or one product to another.

Our Specialities

HL7v2, HL7 V3, FHIR Integrations

HL7 is the exchange medium of Healthcare data within an organisation and with other external systems. FHIR is the latest version of HL7 which is significantly different than v2, v3 versions. We provide integration as well as migration service from any version of HL7 & FHIR.  Learn more on how we transform HL7 v2 messages to FHIR based systems. 

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Wellness and Lab data integrations

In today’s world, people have realized the importance of well being and this shows in wearable devices capturing people’s health information such as heart rate, steps count, etc. Learn how we collect these lab and wellness data from disparate devices and systems, aggregate them and reward people for their well being. 

SCM Integrations

We have developed integration solutions between several ERP products. One domain we have gained extensive experience is on Supply Chain Management products. Learn how we integrated Oracle Fusion Applications, SalesForce and SAP systems for SCM solutions. 

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