Connect, Track, Monitor & Analyse Patient Prescription Behavior

Our PDMP solutions range from connecting practices to State PMP databases, querying analyzing, tracking and alerting on prescriptions of specific drug types

What is PDMP?

Opioid overdose and addiction has been declared as an epidemic by CDC. The central and state government has enacted laws to prevent misuse of such prescription drugs. One of the important program the state governments are required to implement is the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. Under this program, the dispensers are required to submit the drugs dispensed to the State run Prescription Drug Monitoring database and the prescribers are required to lookup the patient’s prescription history before prescribing opioids. LogiCoy has been working on this PDMP related solutions since 2012. We provide several solutions in this ecosystem meant for State Governments, EHR / Pharmacy system vendors, Healthcare Organizations and providers.  


PMPlink - EHR to PDMP Connections

We provide connectivity to State PDMP Systems so that the providers can query for patient prescriptions from within the EHR workflow. 

  • Single Click Integrations : Query for prescriptions on demand. The provider clicks on a button or link within the EHR to query for patient prescriptions
  • No  Click integrations: Patient prescription history is available and imported into charts before patient’s visit
  • Streamlined Onboarding process for the Healthcare Organization and Providers
  • Configurable Interstate Queries
  • Intelligent patient matching based on industry proven algorithms
  • Master Patient Index for identifying, linking and unlinking of patients
  • Ability to connect any EHRs and Pharmacy Systems
  • And much more..

PMPnow - Prescription reports

Our sophisticated prescription UI provides more than prescription history. 

  • Download the prescription history from State PDMP Databases in PDF or Text format
  • Morphine Equivalent Daily Doses (MEDD) calculations based on the prescription data.
  • Bar Chart showing MEDD information for the medication duration
  • Alerts showing Multiple Prescriber Episodes and Multiple Pharmacy Episodes (MPE) in Gant Charts
  • Risk Analysis based on the MEDD data, Multiple Prescriber Episodes and Multiple Pharmacy Episodes
  • MyPMP Dashboard for Prescribers showing prescriber’s prescription history with statistics
  • Share medical records, lab results, procedures and CDA documents with other providers
  • Option for providers to get notifications if any data is shared with them
  • And much more … health icon png 858925 1 system icon png 4185358

PMPcentral - Complete PDMP Solution

Complete PDMP System for State Governments to collect and provide access to patient prescriptions

  • Compliance dashboards for Prescribers, Dispensers & Data submitters
  • Law Enforcement & Investigative workflow
  • PMPnow Integration
  • Interstate queries through RxCheck and PMP Inteconnect
  • Administration dashboards State PDMP Staff
  • Customizable Roles and Permissions
  • Both SFTP and Realtime data submissions support
  • And much more..

PMPnow Console
Monitoring and management tool

Self service tool for providers and healthcare organizations to manage and monitor connectivity and transactions

  • Monitor transactions in realtime
  • Analytics and Statistical reports for HCO admins and PDMP State Admins
  • Enabling / Disabling of providers and HCOs in a click
  • Download query reports and submit for compliance and audit purpose
  • And much more… graph png 986015 1

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"As a Health IT consultant, assisting clinics with their PDMP integration to the Washington state PDMP data, Logicoy was by far the easiest vendor for me to work with. The Support was always available and the process was easy to understand. The clinics were happy with the outcome as well. I have to say that I really appreciate the Logicoy team!"
Carolyn Brill, CPHIMS, CHP
Comagine Health

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