App for Medical Trainees

We develop medical education solutions and apps for academic institutions!

What is it?

We partnered with our client to developed an app for all medical universities. It is a must have app for medical trainees during anatomy dissections, clinical rotations, while studying for the Step 2 clinical skills exam, and beyond. All content is developed by medical professionals, for medical professionals. The medical professionals now have control over how fast they learn, giving them more time to focus on everything else.

The app saves time through innovative visual checklists, allowing the student to learn and retain information in a fraction of the time. 



IOS & Android Apps

The app is available on both IOS App Store and Google Play Store checklist png 2372782

Use as a Visual Checklist

The app helps to create a checklist before doing any procedure or treatment. For e.g. if the user is practicing how to give CPR to the patient, they just need to go to the CPR module, go through CPR procedure and create a visual checklist videos icon png 6925106

Roll through content at your pace

The UI is very simple to use, for example, if the user wants to revise the procedure before going to lab or surgery, user can go through that module as per their requirement. It’s like creating a checklist for the procedure.

—Pngtree—hospital medical doctors cartoon 3932087

Review for Clinical Rotations

With clinical rotations, the students treat patients using the diagnoses discussed in the classroom. Before visiting the patient, the user can review their module at their convenience

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Learn Critical Steps Faster

By using the app the users can learn critical procedures with the help of procedure pictures (Visual) with simple and self-understandable content with each picture png test 927011

Ace the USMLE Step 2 Exam

The app helps the users clearing the United States Medical License Examination Step 2 with ease

What people say?

“Saves me time, energy, and a lot of headache! My first instinct when learning was: go to YouTube. The problem: it takes too long, the videos have unnecessary info that wastes my time, the quality isn’t good, and sometimes it’s wrong. Now with this app, I have all the information I need at my fingertips and I can see all the critical steps as fast as I want.”

“Much better than watching videos!”

“Lifesaver for me during clinical rotations”

“It is like having a textbook in my white coat”

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