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Monitor and Receive Notifications of Patients in ICU from anywhere

Bedside Intelligence - Patient Monitoring in ICU Care

At LogiCoy, we believe that the health care staff should be provided with adequate technology support while treating critically ill patients. LogiCoy’s Bedside Intelligence provides an intuitive interface to help physicians and advanced practice providers monitor adult patients admitted to ICUs and NICUs for the development of actionable changes in condition.

EHR Integration

Launch from your existing EHR’s workflow

Critical Alerts Monitoring

Configure and choose which alerts the provider wants to be notified

Quality Metrics

Choose the metrics the provider is interested in

ICU Care Units View

Assign patients to ICU and NICU beds and view them in a dashboard

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Organ specific metrics monitoring

Bedside Intelligence dashboard shows the various organ’s metrics data for the selected patient

Critical care data in a dashboard

Bedside intelligence provides critical care data for the patients in a single view dashboard. The dashboard lets the user to drag and drop patients panels to organize its contents

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IOS and Android support

Bedside Intelligence is available on both IOS and Android. 

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