eCommerce Franchise Website Platform to expand your online business!

About the platform

What we developed as a eCommerce website has now emerged as a franchise platform for vendors to setup shop for selling medical marijuana. The platform opens a massive opportunity for offline shop owners to setup online website for selling their products. The vendors will get their own customer facing ecommerce website and also access to the portal for managing their inventory.

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Setup online eCommerce Franchise with no effort

Using the platform the client will be able to setup a separate isolated website for each franchise quickly. admin icon png 5286002

Admin functionality for each Customer Facing Website

An admin login is provided for each franchisee. The administrator of the franchise can customize SEO, product management, create discount coupons, ad banner creations, user management, etc delivery icon png 2547387

Doorstep delivery tracking

The platform is integrated with third party delivery tracking to offer tracking of deliveries until it reaches the customer's door step. inventory png 6294678

Common inventory account for each Website

Each franchise will get their own inventory account to manage their own inventories inventory png 6294374

Inventory supply chain management

Manage inventory such as maintaining products, creations of packets, order dispatch, etc. bus top view png 2110133

Analytical dashboard for each Shop

Each franchise administrator will also get an analytical dashboard for keeping a check on their progress. The dashboard provides several statistics and graphs such as number of user registrations in a period, top selling products under various parameters, top vendors, delivery heat map, etc

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