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BPEL Application Developer

The page consolidates the information useful for BPEL Application developer using BPEL Service Engine. You can find How-To guides for the BPEL 2.0 language supported features. Also, other engine features are listed with step-by-step guides on how to configure and use them. Download-able working examples are also attached or referenced.

Note: If you are BPEL SE Developer and would like to know more about engine architecture and design, visit this page.

User Guide:

Installation/Environment Setup:

Refer this page - Installation/Setup for:
  • Instructions on where to download the bits and installation.
  • Run pre-packaged sample application.

How To's and Tutorials:

BPEL Core Constructs

BPEL Advanced Constructs

  • Refer this page for examples on usage of Advanced Constructs : Correlation, Dynamic Partner links, Event Handlers, Fault Handling, Compensation etc.

BPEL Mapper Functions

  • Refer this page for examples : Operators, Boolean, String, Node, Number, Date & Time, Extension Functions

Using Type Cast in BPEL Mapper

Cast xsd:any in BPEL Mapper

BPEL Debugger

JavaScript from BPEL

  • Embedding Javascript in BPEL page.

Referenced Resources

Other How To's

Refer this page.

BPEL Service Engine Features:

This section lists the BPEL Service engine supported features and describes them using working examples.

Core Features

Advanced Features

Systemic Qualities

How To's - Integration Examples:

  • Usage Examples for JMS/SQL SE/JDBC BC etc - this could be pointers to existing driver projects for these

Real Life Examples/Customer Scenarios/Benchmarks:

  • Blue Prints
  • Netbeans Packaged Projects
  • Customer Project 1
  • Customer Project 2
  • Demo Projects - JavaOne/Others
  • Benchmark Project




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