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What is the File BC?

File BC provides a comprehensive solution as a transport to interact with the file system within a JBI environment.

Looking at what File BC does at a very high level: On the server side, File BC polls for inbound messages, stored in file(s), in a specified directory. On the client side, File BC puts messages into file(s) in a designated directory.

The design time component of File BC is a Netbeans module that provides plug-in to NetBean’s project system and thus defines how File binding can be used. The runtime component implements all required component interfaces in JBI specification and provides the functionality to act as a proxy to services enabled using the file protocol.

Using the File BC


  • As a service provider: writes messages as files
  • As a service consumer: polls a directory, converts files found into messages, and delivers them to the specified service provider
  • And More
    • IN-ONLY, IN & OUT and OUT-ONLY Message Exchange
    • Inbound Periodical(Configurable) Polling
    • On-Demand Read
    • NM Properties (Normalized Message Properties)
    • Clustering Aware
    • File Name Pattern and Regular Expression as Inbound File Name Spec
    • File Name Pattern as Outbound File Name Spec
    • Recursive Polling with Regular Expression Based Exclude Mechanism (Glassfish ESB v2.2)
    • Recursive On-Demand Read with Regular Expression Based Exclude Mechanism (Glassfish ESB v2.2)
    • Application Variables
    • Application Configuration
    • Message Exchange redelivery capability
    • Inbound Message Exchange Recovery (at least once inbound delivery)
    • Inbound Throttling to Control Message In-Flow
    • Multiple Endpoints to poll the same directory
    • Polling and Writing multiple records per file
    • Staging, Archiving and Error Handling files
    • Binary attachment support

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the File BC category.

 Evolution of the File BC

What is new?


Developers working on the File BC:

  • Sherry Weng
  • Jim Fuqian

Developing the File BC