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What is the Database BC?

The Database Binding Component (DB BC) provides a comprehensive solution for configuring and connecting to databases that support Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) from within the Java Business Integration (JBI) environment. Database BC is a JBI component that provides database operations as services. JBI components acting as consumers invoke these Web Services. The Database BC is an implementation in compliance with JBI Specification 1.0.

Using the Database BC


The Database BC supports the following database artifacts considered as Services:

  • Table
  • Prepared Statements
  • Procedures
  • SQL File

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. Go to the Open JBI Components Issue Tracker to submit issues. Please choose Database BC as the subcomponent.


  • Developers working on the Database BC:Pavan.Veeravarapu, Raghunadh Teegavarapu


Developing the Database BC

  • For a diagram illustrating this project, see Architecture(info)
  • Developer documentation, including information on architecture, source code downloads, and contacts, see Developer Content

Database BC Source Code

The source code for the <project name> project is located under Open JBI Components CVS.