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OpenESB community has been founded by OpenESB, Glassfish ESB and Java CAPS users. The first community event took place in Brussels in October 2010. At that time, Sun Microsystems which designed and developed the first OpenESB versions just merged with Oracle. For understandable reasons, Oracle decided not to support the OpenESB project as Sun Microsystems did. Very quickly after this decision, OpenESB teams were spread out and OpenESB knowledge, code and skill were close to disappear. At Brussels, we decided to create a community, save OpenESB’s code and fork it on new servers. After two years, community’s members are involved and reliable. India, Russia, EU and US are the main development centres around the world. Since OpenESB creator does not exist anymore, our community is not ruled by one creator, company or shareholder but it is more a collaborative community where active members take the decisions. If you want to influence on OpenESB future and Community organisation, you have to be active and demonstrate your ability to improve OpenESB features and behaviour or-and promote community works.

Community objectives are mainly to support and improve OpenESB, set it up for new features and platforms. As explained elsewhere on the web site, the community provides a complete stack of service for OpenESB. Any company who wants to start with OpenESB will find in the community professional and skilled partners.

OpenESB is a wonderful tool for SOA and integration and we are very proud to support and develop this product for you.

Please feel free to contact us for any request and question on OpenESB

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