What do you do if you get “Address already in use (9080) when restarting OpenESB”?

Port 9080 is the default port used by the HTTP BC.

The likely cause is that an instance of GlassFish is still running while starting a new one.

First try shutting down gracefully using asadmin.

After you stop glassfish, to make sure all processes are gone and not holding any ports, you can do a

ps -ef | grep glassfish

and if there are any processes left, do a

kill -9 pid

on those glassfish processes.

Then I would wait a minute and restart glassfish.

If the issue persists, you need to find which process is holding the port.

You can do

ps –ef | grep port#

or better yet do a,

lsof –V | grep port#

which will give you the pid of the process holding the port. Then you can either kill the process or determine to change the port for the HTTP BC.

Similar issue can happen in a GlassFish with multiple instances if the HTTP BC port numbers are not unique in different instances.

You need to ensure that port numbers are unique.

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