SWIFT Encoders

SWIFT MT/FIN Encoder* is used to decode SWIFT MT/FIN data into XML format, or encode XML data into SWIFT MT/FIN format. It is built up on SWIFT SDK which provides the basic parsing. SWIFT MT/FIN Encoderalso provides flexible extensions for schema validation, cross-fields semantic validation and text validation, through XSLT, Schematron, JavaScript, JRuby, Java, etc, or some combinations of them. You can choose depending on your own preference and expertise.

SWIFT MT/FIN Encoder seamlessly integrates with the powerful Open Source platform OpenESB and GlassFishESB (JBI based). It can be used in different ways, e.g. in interactive SWIFT Encoder Tester, hook-up with dozens of Open JBI components (e.g. ftp, file, database, smtp, imap, pop3, http, soap, rest, jms, ldap, mq, msmq, snmp, scheduler, etc.), in BPEL engine, POJO engine.

SWIFT MT/FIN Encoder can also run outside OpenESB / GlassFishESB, e.g. in Java EE, Java SE.

SWIFT MT/FIN Encoder can also potentially be used in SeeBeyond/SUN/Oracle Java CAPS platform (the prior generations of OpenESB) in certain ways. SWIFT SAI is actually a product built up on Java CAPS, combining with SWIFT SDK.

Click here to download a step-by-step tutorial to SWIFT MT/FIN Encoder: https://www.logicoy.com/swiftencoderpdf

Click below for several screencasts showing the steps:

  1. Basics (3 min 27 sec) : http://swiftencoder.appspot.com/SwiftEncoderBasics.html
  2. In BPEL (3 min 36 sec) : http://swiftencoder.appspot.com/SwiftEncoderInBPEL.html
  3. In POJO (2 min 52 sec) : http://swiftencoder.appspot.com/SwiftEncoderInPOJO.html
  4. In Java SE (1 min 50 sec) : http://swiftencoder.appspot.com/SwiftEncoderInJavaSE.html
  5. In Java EE (2 min 10 sec) : http://swiftencoder.appspot.com/SwiftEncoderInJavaEE.html

There is also a page (SWIFT MT/XML Tester) which allows you to perform online decode/encode conversions between MT/FIN and XML formats.

* Disclaimer: SWIFT is a trademark and product of their respective company.

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