LogiCoy provides World Class Global Production 24x7x365 Support, and Monitoring services for a wide range of products with support features that fit your needs.

LogiCoy Support Products Support Features
  • Hot fixes for bugs.Support
  • Installation, configuration assistance
  • Production monitoring and issue resolution
  • Telephone or chat assistance on general technical issues
  • Enhancements for critical issues for Platinum Support contracts
  • 24X7 support with Specified SLA
  • Depends on type of support contract according to the above chart

LogiCoy Annual Support Plans

Feature Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Applications Production Production Development Development
Response Time 24x7x365 1 hour 24x7x365 4 hour 24x7x365 12 hour Business hours 12 hour
Number of Incidents Unlimited Max 30 incidents Max 20 incidents Max 10 incidents
LogiCoy ESB Enterprise Monitor X X X
LogiCoy ESB Enterprise Admin Console X X X
Software downloads and patches
Hot fixes and patches X X
Log issues via toll free number X X
Log issues via email
Live IM/Chat support X X X
Product training X X X

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