Support and Production Training


OpenESB Level 1

OpenESB JBI concepts

  • Bus Architecture advantages, components and orchestration
    • Message
    • NMR
    • Service Engine
    • Binding component
    • JBI management
    • Service unit
    • Service Assembly

OpenESB introduction

  • OpenESB BPEL first look
    • Activities
    • Mapper
    • Graphical editor

OpenESB components

  • Main OpenESB components description
    • HTTP BC
    • JMS BC
    • FILE BC
    • FTP BC


Clustering basic concepts

  • Technical concepts on clustering, high availability. Business process behavior in multi instance environment

Glassfish Application server in cluster

  • GF V2.x cluster hierarchy. Domain, Cluster, Instance, Node-agent.

OpenESB in a clustered environment

  • OpenESB constraints in a clustered environment. Components behavior in a multi instance mode. File BC, JMS BC, HTTP BC, JDBC BC and BPEL SE.

Administrative tools

  • Glassfish console, Asadmin


  • Practice ex: 1 Setup a cluster and OpenESB applications deployment using the Glassfish admin console
  • Practice ex: 2 Setup a cluster and OpenESB applications deployment using Asadmin


OpenESB Level 2

Infrastructure for OpenESB clusters

  • JMS Clustering, File clustering Http Clustering with mode_proxy_balancer, FTP clustering

OpenESB deployment process

  • What is the process when deploying the applications on test, QA and production environment?
  • We define the check list of information and detail required to deploy applications


Monitoring advanced

  • Glassfish and OpenESB monitoring
  • BPEL Monitoring, KPI, JMX. Connection to Enterprise Monitoring tools

Infrastructure Optimization

How optimize your infrastructure to match services orientation.


  • ePractice ex: 1 JMS Cluster Setting: Embedded and External cluster.