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Enterprise Application Integration

LogiCoy is your best choice for assistance or consulting with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) projects.
EAI connects various applications so that administrators have a single place to access and modify customer, business, data, and supply chain management.

Service-Oriented ArchitectureServices_new

We provide services for Service-Oriented Architecture, or SOA. SOA allows different computers to run different services, building those services in a common language, so that they can exchange information independently. This increases the efficiency of data sharing, removing the need for human supervision and for the rewriting of program.

How we can help YOU

Here at LogiCoy, we provide the architecture and integration engineering to make all of this possible. As an independent consulting company with integration experts, we have not only the tools to make EAI run smoothly, but the services to back up our knowledge.

Our integration solutions and consulting extend to Healthcare, SWIFT, user provisioning and data warehousing, as well as technical account management for integration projects on Sun and SeeBeyond.

LogiCoy Services at a Glance:

  • 24x7x365  Global Production Support for GlassFish V2/V3/V4, GlassFish ESB, OpenESB,  Mural MDM, OpenMQ
  • Roadmap definition, SOA assessment, and strategy and legacy modernization
  • Real-time monitoring services for your GlassFish V2/V3/V4, GlassFish ESB, OpenESB,  Mural MDM, OpenMQ, Mirth, and Apache environments and infrastructures
  • Enhancements and bug fixes to OpenESB, GlassFish ESB, and GlassFish
  • Upgrade and migration services for eGate, ICAN, JCAPS to OpenESB or other products
  • Migration and consulting for HIPPA 5010 and ICD10 projects
  • Integration solutions for HIE based on open source projects such as NwHIN Connect, Mural MDM, and OpenESB
  • EHR implementations using open source products like Open EMR
  • Completely open source-based solutions with zero licensing cost
  • Low cost and high quality offshore product development, testing, and support services
  • JCAPS, OpenESB consulting and training services

Why should YOU choose LogiCoy?

LogiCoy provides consulting services both on site and remotely for your projects at competitive and reasonable rates. As the actual architects and developers of many of these products, we can go above and beyond in the implementation of projects, customizing our services to the unique needs of your business. There is no other vendor who has the resources, the intimate knowledge, and the deep experiences that LogiCoy can provide for you.

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