LogiCoy Public PaaS

Its no secret that cloud application deployment is becoming a new standard with Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas). At LogiCoy, we value efficient deployment on the cloud. With deployment time being slashed down from weeks to minutes, Platform as a System (PaaS) is becoming the new best thing for deploying applications. We want to get you up to speed so you can deploy even faster.

Make your DevOps easier by taking advantage Public PaaS.  Logicoy’s Public PaaS offers a public OpenESB platform where users can develop, deploy, and manage applications on cloud. We want to take the difficult systems administration work off your hands, and leave your company with the most time to develop and operate. Allow your developers to be more agile and get products to the market faster.Don’t worry about managing and maintaining the infrastructure or the application stack, and instead focus on building your application. 

Some of the features of LogiCoy’s public PaaS include:

  • Deploy applications using OpenESB Studio to Logicoy Public PaaS
  • Check-in your applications into your public cloud
  • Automate build and deployments on public cloud
  • Manage entire DevOps lifecycle over cloud

For more information about LogiCoy’s public PaaS, or to request a demo, please contact us.


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