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Here at LogiCoy, we are the original developers of a large number of the JBI binding components in the OpenESB project.

Our developers created the HL7, MQ, IMS, SAP, and Swift binding components and associated encoders. Currently, we are actively enhancing the HL7 binding component to make it production-ready and support the features recently requested by customers.

LogiCoy intends to work with partners to provide these and other binding components and associated encoders as addons to the GlassFish ESB offering.

We are actively taking requests from customers who have a need for completing these binding components in order to make them GA-release quality and suitable for production-use as well as taking enhancement requests, and providing on-going maintenance for them.

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If you have a need to use any binding component or encoder in OpenESB that is not officially released as part of GlassFish ESB, please contact us at and we will work with you to accommodate your requirements and meet your timeframes. To learn more about our product roadmap and release timeframe or if you need specific information, please contact us at