Private PaaS

Cloud integration and maintaining privacy is a big challenge facing todays enterprises. With LogCoy, its not.

If you enjoy the benefits of having cloud infrastructure on your own datacentre, look no further than Logicoy’s Private Platform as a System (PaaS). Get the benefits of CloudESB and Public PaaS on your own infrastructure, all while enjoying the flexibility and control that Private PaaS has to offer. 

We customize and deploy OpenESB with cloud software on your datacentre as on-premise cloud. With Private PaaS, you can take the complete advantage of cloud software without ever moving out from your data center, protecting your personal and sensitive data.  

Some of the key benefits of LogiCoy’s Private PaaS include:

  • 24/7 support for OpenESB On Cloud.
  • Delivery of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas).
  • Periodic bug fixes and upgrades for both OpenESB and cloud software.
  • Pay only for support. No charges for procuring software.


Why Choose Private PaaS for your Cloud Solution?


Save time spent with developers and support DevOps.


Allow for improved control over IT and increased ease in monitoring any applications.


Improved cloud security with flexibility and portability.


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