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When it comes to automating healthcare, LogiCoy focuses on reliability and efficiency to bring you the best possible experience using our Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. We offer exceptional maintenance and monitoring services, as well as world class 24×7 customer service to make sure your PDMP setup is always in great condition. LogiCoy PDMP is developed  based on modern technologies and supports up to date standards including PMIX ,NCPDP,…


Features include –

  • Low cost automated and secure connections from all existing EHRs to query state PDMP databases
  • Reduce or eliminate coding and timeline to on-ramp new connections from healthcare organization EHRs by utilizing the LogiCoy PDMP Link Service.
  • Ability to quickly add / remove Facilities without disruptions
  • Secured using HTTPS and username based authentication
  • 24×7 support for any technical issues
  • Timely software/hardware upgrades to handle new consumers and load
  • Complete software development for PDMP features



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Allscripts® is a leader in EHR integration and healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results across an Open platform. Allscripts has certified “LogiCoy PDMP EHR Link v2.0” for TouchWorks EHR and Professional EHR integration with the state PDMP database. Featuring the industry’s most innovative Healthcare IT developers, the award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) speeds time from innovation to implementation to help increase productivity, deliver higher-quality, more personalized care, seamlessly integrate devices, manage population health and much more. Allscripts clients can learn more about “LogiCoy PDMP EHR Link v2.0” on the Allscripts Application Store “applications/id-17010/LogiCoy_PDMP.” https://allscriptsstore.cloud.prod.iapps.com/applications/id-17010/LogiCoy_PDMP

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Technical Documentation:




LogiCoy Illinois PMP Automated Connection Overview


The Prescription Monitoring Program located at https://www.ilpmp.org is an electronic tool that collects information on controlled substance prescriptions, schedules II, III, IV and V. This data is reported on a weekly basis by retail pharmacies dispensing in Illinois. Prescribers and Dispensers of controlled substances are allowed access to query their current or prospective patients. There are 2 methods of utilizing the service, either by logging in with a username/password combination or via an Automated Connection that integrates the service directly into a hospital Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

ILPMP Automated Connection:

Users of website currently manually log in with their credentials, enter patient data and search for the individual. The Automated Connection does away with this manual process and allows integration into the Hospitals EHR system using web services. The Automated Connection offers a multitude of benefits over the manual entry method including: saving doctor/patient time, no credentials to remember, and is much more secure.

Time to  implement the connection into the hospital’s EMR:

On average it takes a couple of weeks to program and implement however, we have heard of the integration taking as little as one day to program.

Cost of the Automated Connection:

There is no subscription fee.

There may be some cost from the EMR system, depending on what they need to do for you. In the case of one hospital, this was a charge of around $1200 to open a port on the system. If you do not need any assistance from your EMR vendor, there should not be a cost from that.

Unless your programmer works for free, there will be a cost associated for his salary.  Keep in mind; if your programmer has in depth knowledge of your EMR system, it has taken as little as 8 hours to implement the connection.

 Users of the Connection:

The PMP automated connection can be used by anyone who is in direct treatment of patients; i.e. Doctors, APN, PAs. RNs are also allowed to view the data.  However, clerical office staff is not allowed to use the connection.

Other usage of the Connection:

This connection can be used for a wide range of functions. For example, state law requires primary care physicians of adolescents to set up appointments for their patients whenever an ADHD medication is first prescribed to them. One hospital is currently working on a connection that nightly runs their patient’s data through the PMP. The hospital system then takes the PMP’s results and parses out the patients who have just received an ADHD medication and notifies the doctor to set up appointments.

Security of the connection:

The connection travels over a secure web connection. The request and response utilizes end to end encryption and is additionally locked down to a specific location and network. This makes it more secure than a standard ILPMP web search.

 Availability of the PMP data  viewable on an EMR System:

This is really left up to you. The data can be directly integrated into your EMR software or viewed some other way in your EMR system.  The automated connection can be integrated into your workflow in a myriad of ways. For example, in one solution the hospital stores the data in a PDF for each patient. When the Patient profile is pulled up in the EMR software a clickable link is shown.  Whenever the doctor clicks the link, the patient data is displayed in the PDF.

Meeting of Stage Two of Meaningful Use:

We do meet stage two of meaningful use.

https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2012/09/04/2012-21050/medicare-and-medicaid-programs­ electronic-health- record-incentive-program-stage-2



Information needed for the PMP for a connection:

The data is transferred to the PMP in XML form. The search criteria submitted from the hospital will need to include the patient’s first name, last name and date of birth.


Legal agreement required by the State:

We only require an existing declaration of HIPPA compliance.





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