LogiCoy Open MQ Distribution is based on the open source OpenMQ project. We want to implement a reliable messaging mechanism to allow your applications to integrate together without relying on synchronous communications, and provide buffering between the message producers and message consumers. Open MQ provides a unified building block that enables asynchronous, loosely coupled integration and provides a common framework for administration, control, and monitoring.


Open Message Queue is a full featured Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), messaging server. Open MQ implements the Java Message Service (JMS) API and provides enterprise class features such as:

  • Loosely coupled messaging between enterprise system components
  • Scalable distribution of message servers (broker clustering)
  • Integrated SOAP / HTTP messaging
  • Java and C Client API
  • Scalable JCA 1.5 compliant Resource Adapter
  • Enterprise Administration Features
  • Extensive JMX support

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