OpenESB Standalone Edition

Now OpenESB can run independent of any application servers as an independent JVM runtime. This makes it very simple and lightweight ESB.


  • It can run on JDK 6 or JDK 7. No other dependencies
  • Fast startup time. Less than 2 seconds
  • The same JBI components and composite applications can be deployed on OpenESB SE with minimum or no change at all.
  • Create multiple instances on the fly and cluster them together for High Availability.
  • Light weight and fast startup makes it perfect for cloud deployments.
  • Built in Database connection pool support
  • Built in Administration Utilities. oeadmin – command line utility and web based admin UI
  • Built in Security for both administration and composite applications.
  • No compromise on Robustness and Reliability. 
  • Already running on production for few of our clients.


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