OpenESB – Multiplatform Support

Now OpenESB can run on multiple application servers or as a standalone java runtime. OpenESB is now refactored to decouple the dependency on Glassfish Application server. The result is that we need very few code changes to make it run on other application servers.


  • The distributables are available for Glassfish V2, V3, Jboss 5 and Jboss 7. Work in progress for Tomcat and Glassfish V4.
  • JBI components and composite applications are now platform independent, making the philosophy  “Build once and Deploy anywhere” become true again.
  • Unified administration. Single administration utilities for all the platforms
  • oeadmin – new command line utility for JBI administration
  • Every edition of OpenESB can be administered through the built in admin console.
  • Admin API for building custom admin tools
  • REST API for building custom UI
  • Logicoy Enterprise admin console for administering and managing heterogenous collection of JBI runtimes including clusters and standalone runtimes.


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