Logicoy OpenESB 3.0 Setup and Support 

OpenESB 3.0 Features Include:

  • Supports JDK 7 or 8
  • Bundles and supports GF V4.1 or JBOSS AS7.1.1 with inherent support for GlassFish or JBOSS Clustering
  • Bundles and supports Netbeans 8.0.x
  • Much smaller memory footprint and higher performance
  • HTTP/Soap BC has support for NIO and Grizzly2
  • REST BC has support for Grizzly2/Jersey2 and Oauth2 Security with API Management support
  • Instance Sync feature is much faster and more reliable than current version
  • Support for auto scaling is planned
  • Several important stability and performance related bug fixes and enhancements in OpenESB JBI Core, BPELSE, HTTPBC, RESTBC.
  • End to End Message Tracking with UI/Dashboard support
  • LogiCoy EAC – Enterprise Admin Console (replaces the old GlassFish Admin Console) and is very fast and modern with Responsive Design, Dashboards supports management of on premise and in cloud instances – Introduces a REST layer for management and control and secure Mobile device access – Automatic detection and utilization of GlassFish or JBOSSClusters!
  • LDAP or GF/JBOSS Realm security support for Enterprise Admin Console
  • Oeadmin command line replaces asadmin for OpenESB management and is much faster

OpenESB 3.0 also provides additional support for:

  • Drools Service Engine
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP)
  • Apache Camel
  • BPEL Monitoring
  • IBM JDK and AIX and Power8