JavaCAPS support and Migration

JavaCAPS Support and Migration

Oracle plans to end support for Sun JCAPS. Meanwhile, Logicoy continues to help large organizations successfully move from JCAPS to OpenESB and run in production. LogiCooy provides JavaCAPS support and Migration services to large Enterprises in production.

Any projects written in JCAPS 6 style deploys and runs without any changes in OpenESB — so there is no migration required for those projects! Simply install OpenESB and configure and deploy your existing JCAPS 6 style apps! For older JCAPS 5 style projects, LogiCoy offers migration tools and a low cost migration factory/service which requires minimal testing.

How is this possible?

  • OpenESB components are refactored from the original Sun JCAPs and provide the closest features and configuration parameters.
  • OpenESB includes a POJO Service Engine and JavaEE Service Engine that will support running your JCAPS JCDs with minimal change.
  • You can leverage LogiCoy and the OpenESB community experience to help you with the move.
  • OpenESB installation, configuration and issue resolution  is backed by the LogiCoy World Class Global 24×7 support
  • Our OpenESB JBI components are the most stable and  they are in Production at many large organizations utilizing LogiCoy OpenESB/GlassFish Support programs.
  • Free usage of the LogiCoy ESB Monitor, and Alert Agent to customers on Platinum Support. This includes the new version that has support for internal application end point monitoring and well as support for BPEL SE instance, application, activity monitoring. It provides a sophisticated dashboard that receives feeds from many sources and even allows drill downs.
  • LogiCoy provides JavaCAPS support and Migration including legacy Sun//Seebeyond products like egate, SRE,ICAN, etc.

LogiCoy Migration Services are unique for a number of reasons.

  • We provide migration services from Java CAPS or eGate to Open/GlassFish ESB and based on customer request to RedHat Fuse,  Intersystems Ensemble, and Oralce Fusion Middleware.
  • We are certified in the Oracle JCAPS migration tools and have built additional migration tooling.
  • We have processes that will reduce the migration effort, reduce issues, implement best practices, reduce the testing effort, and speed up the migration timeline.
  • We can perform an initial evaluation with you at no cost to recommend the best migration approach for your projects based on all the relevant factors.
  • We provide architectural and deployment planning at no additional cost.
  • Our migration service can be utilized at very low cost and fixed price based on the number of interfaces you need to migrate.
  • Migrated projects will include test cases that will consume your provided data and generates expected output.

We will be glad to provide you with references from high profile customers that have been happily using our OpenESB Support services for many years. Why spend millions of dollars on JavaCAPS migration and support? Request a free quote from LogiCoy now. Click below to get instant quote.

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