LogiCoy’s Intelligent Event Processor (IEP)

When you want to enable OpenESB in providing Event-Driven Architectures, you need LogiCoy’s Intelligent Event Processor. Our Intelligent Event Processor is a Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Event Stream Processing (ESP) engine. Within the use of OpenESB, the IEP Service Engine can interact with any JBI service engine or binding component that is also plugged into OpenESB. A Normalized Message Router will then handle message exchanges between the various components within OpenESB. 



LogiCoy can help with the implementation and use of the Intelligent Event Processor (IEP). Features of IEP include:

  • Examine the event stream and filter events
  • Aggregate event stream and analyse
  • Powerful pattern matching algorithm
  • Wide variety of supported databases to store event data
  • Powerful design time to develop IEP applications

For more information about Intelligent EventProcessor, or to get started with LogiCoy, please contact us.


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