LogiCoy HealthXchange: Health Information Exchange

Our solution to health information exchange across organization/communities. Shown below is an overview of our implementation of various Information Health Exchange (IHE) profiles, NHIN Connect and Master Patient Index to enable document exchange across communities.

Uploading patient documents:

  • Retrieve/construct patient’s documents from health facility.
  • Store documents in the community’s XDS.b Repository.
  • Documents can be HL7 CDA document, DICOM images or other non-standard formats such as PDFs, JPG images, etc.
  • Use XDS.b Provide and Register IHE transaction to upload the document in XDS.b Registry and Repository.
  • Document metadata is stored in XDS.b Registry and the actual document in XDS.b Repository.
  • Patient’s enterprise ID is stored along with the document metadata to link the document and the patient.
  • XDS.b Provide and Register requires the Enterprise patient ID in its request. The client needs to resolve the local ID to enterprise patient ID using a PIX query.


  • The Health Facility system can directly send a XDS.b Provide and Register transaction message to the NW-HIN Connect server.
  • Use Logicoy’s “Patient Document Uploader” component to construct HL7 CDA documents based on HL7 V2 messages and upload the CDA document using XDS.b Provide and Register transaction.



Patient Registration

The below diagram shows the various healthcare facilities using our Patient Identity Receiver component to index and store patient information in a Master Patient Index.


Document Upload

The below diagram shows the sharing of healthcare documents between two communities. PIX Query is used to retrieve the enterprise id from XDS.b Registry.  XDS.b Provide and Register profile is used to upload document information into XDS.b Repository.



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