LogiCoy PDMP

Our Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) revolutionizes healthcare with a focus on reliability and efficiency. When it comes to automating healthcare, LogiCoy focuses on reliability and efficiency to bring you the best possible experience using our PDMP Solutions. We offer exceptional maintenance and monitoring services, as well as world class 24×7 customer service to make sure your PDMP setup is always in great condition. We provide PDMP solutions in the following states IL, PA, CA, WA, MD, UT, KY and many more.

LogiCoy PMPnow

Intuitive app with analytical dashboards provides intelligent information to providers about the MME, MPE, Drug overdose, info etc and also allows to share the information between providers

Master Patient Index

Matching algorithm with master patient index provides ability to link and unlink patients

PDMP Application

State wide PDMP application for pharmacy data submissions, provider queries with analytical dashboards

HIE Implementation

State wide HIE implementation to support healthcare data exchange like CDA documents, lab reports between compatible HIE systems.