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Software possibilities are limitless. We believe implementing open source solutions in the Health IT world is incredibly important in developing safe and efficient standards for healthcare and data management. Check out our specialties in Health IT.


NwHIN Connect

Connect is an open source software developed by NwHIN community to provide interoperable health information exchange between entities. By implementing connect a health care provider can share the health information with another one or with a government entity in a standard and secure way through Health Information Exchanges (HIE). Connect implements IHE profiles.

  • Install, configure and tune it on Glassfish v3, JBoss, tomcat
  • Enable your existing EHR to connect to NHIN. using NHIN Connect or through Direct project
  • Customize the NHIN Connect Reference Implementation according to your requirement

NHIN Direct

Direct project enables the healthcare providers and healthcare consumers exchange health data through standard, secure, and reliable ways. Only trusted members can exchange such information. This implementation does not depend on Connect Gateway, which makes it easier to implement and use as it is based off of peer-to-peer connectivity.

  • Logicoy provides adapters for EHRs for communication using Direct project specifications.
  • Highly customizable adapters supporting a wide variety of communication technology.
  • Can be easily plugged into a wide variety of existing EHRs and PHRs or into any clinical information systems.

IHE profiles implementation

IHE is a standard non-profit organization which has defined standards for exchanging healthcare information. The IHE IT infrastructure profile is a set of specifications defined by IHE for IT systems on how to exchange electronic health data across organizations. Logicoy works with healthcare providers and third party vendors of HIE implementors in helping implementing various IHE standards. We have extensive experience in implementing profiles like ATNA, XUA, XDS.b, PIX V3, PDQ V3, etc.  

Big Data Analytics Solutions


LogiCoy is experienced and specializes in developing Big Data Analytics solutions for healtcare clients using various open source technologies and components. Many of our solutions may be tweaked to suit your needs and deployed with very little effort and time  in your on premise infrastructure or on the cloud.

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