Glassfish Always Has Our Support.

We Won’t Give Up on GlassFish

As the original developers of Glassfish open-source software, we at LogiCoy know just how useful it is for the open-source community. Thats why we are working to make sure Glassfish stays as an integral part of the Open Source community. As Oracle plans to discontinue their GlassFish releases, we are here to make sure that support and services never stop coming. We support all versions of GlassFish from 2.x to 4.x. At LogiCoy, providing clients with world-class Glassfish support from the original innovators themselves is a big priority.


Configuration and Training

LogiCoy’s expert developers will make the Glassfish installation and configuration process a seamless one. We can work with you to meet your deadlines for a quick implementation. For any production issues, we can resolve those quickly too. For training, we can teach you the ins and outs of Glassfish through various demonstrations. Clustering, high availability, failover, low-balancing, and any other Glassfish tricks you need to know.

Monitoring Service

As a client, you can tell us which instances you want us to monitor. We will put our tools on your servers, and if something goes wrong, we will be the first to respond. Without any intervention, LogiCoy can make sure your instances are running smoothly. We become your administration and on-call support, at a fraction of the cost.

Architecture and Infrastructure Planning

We want to help you keep track of what you need for your Glassfish experience. Whether its determining how many servers, optimizing security, or maintaining certain infrastructure elements, LogiCoy can help plan and manage your experience with Glassfish.

24×7 Glassfish Support

Whether its on or off business hours, LogiCoy can provide assistance for any Glassfish related needs. Use our email support services, or call us to get your questions answered. If that doesn’t work, we also have an online chat assistance to solve Glassfish software problems as they come. Hot fixes and urgent issues can be solved quickly.

LogiCoy Annual Support Plans

Feature Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Developer
Applications Production Production Development Development Development
Subscription Cost $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Support Price Annually $70,000 $48,000 $35,000 $20,000 $9,000
Response Time 24x7x365 1 hour 24x7x365 4 hour 24x7x365 12 hour Business hours 12 hour Business hours 12 hour
Number of Customer Named Contacts 16 4 2 2 2
Number of Incidents Unlimited Max 30 incidents Max 20 incidents Max 10 incidents  Max 5 incidents
Product training
Software downloads and patches  
Hot fixes and patches
Log issues via toll free number
Log issues via email  
Screen Sharing, RDP, SSH
Live IM/Chat support


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