Logicoy© can provide everything you need for successful implementation and use of Drools.


When it comes to Business Rules Management Systems, the easier, the better. For understanding the drools framework and how it can be used in a project, look no further.At Logicoy, we are experts at Drools in all versions. Our team of dedicated staff can provide quick and efficient implementation in all versions to give you the best experience using an open source rules engine.

Features include:

  • Implementation of Drools Expert, Drools Fusion, Workbench Guvnor, JBPM, and Optaplanner.
  • Advanced set of tools for integration in an IT Project
  • 24/7 support for any version for deployment, management, and troubleshooting


Drools Platform and OpenESB

The OpenESB community and their integration tool can be very effective for successful implementation and usage of Drools. The Drools platform offers an administrative tool and a logging functionality. With these, all needed features can be implemented without any additional integration development. With the usage of OpenESB tooling, you can grab the needed data using OpenESB’s rich component set. As developments progress with OpenESB, Drools is becoming much more relevant with a platform runtime integrated into OpenESB software.

LogiCoy has a team of experts dedicated to helping your experience with Drools and OpenESB be as easy as possible. For help with integration or usage of either products, please contact us.


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