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Our Solutions

Our generation has not seen a pandemic until COVID-19. When it hit the world, it spread faster than we ever imagined. Countries around the world implemented lockdowns to contain its spread, healthcare providers were busy helping COVID-19 patients. Scientists were busy in developing vaccines. The leaders were looking for solutions to contain its spread. IT industry was assembling resources, developing applications and solutions in quickest way possible.

LogiCoy developed several solutions to tackle COVID-19 for companies / entities which wanted to continue running their operations in the safest way possible.

Screening & Assessment

The screening solution is implemented in large public spaces like casinos, amusement parks, shopping malls, etc. The screening solution is available as IOS, Android apps and also as responsive HTML web application. It allows the user answer several questions to determine the symptoms of COVID-19. The information is shared with employers with user’s consent for taking necessary further action.

Sample Collection Tracing

We have integrated with several testing laboratories to test the patients for COVID-19. Our solution integrates right from sample collection centers, transporting of samples and delivering the results to the patients. Our integrations support both blood samples and saliva samples for COVID-19. 

Outbreak Detection & Prevention

Using a section of population’s COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, our solution provides analysis on population health and risk score on the possibility of outbreak and steps to prevent spreading.

Contact Tracing & Alerting

Using population health data and the patient’s known locations, we also provide contact tracing of the patients and alert the individuals who came in contact with a symptomatic patient


IOS & Android Apps

We provide native IOS and Android apps for screening and assessment solutions

Flagging users

Identify high risk users and flag them so that they minimize spread.

User health status monitoring

Monitor the health status based on assessment answers, contact tracing and send alerts

Lab Integration

Track test samples to lab, collection of the results and notify the stakeholders of the results.

Population Dashboard

Dashboard for entities with information of population health statistics with risk score.

User compliance monitoring

Check if the user is compliant with precautionary measures taken by entities.

"You made it all so simple, reliable, and easy. The Logicoy team helped us build our technology engine that is helping countless patients across the United States. Thank you"
Pejman Salimpour, M.D
Co-Founder, PPS Health

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