Cloud ESB

Could is the next big thing. Don’t miss out. If you want to deploy your cloud applications with ESB, look no further. With LogiCoy’s Cloud ESB, take advantage of the many cloud-specific benefits that will enhance your cloud user experience. This includes auto-scaling, self-servicing, and metering. Make your deployment easier than ever before with Cloud ESB integration tools, all provided by LogiCoy Inc.

We provide OpenESB with cloud support and management, all in one. With our 24/7 support services, you can be sure to have any questions answered as you work through Cloud ESB. You will have a great visibility of your application performance through Cloud UI. Cloud ESB also allows you to configure auto-scaling, and can pay per use according to metering. Logicoy’s Cloud ESB is a customized version of OpenESB running on Tomcat (or as standalone java).

Check out our many Cloud-specific benefits, where you can…

  • Personalize your cloud configuration to your liking
  • Create as many OpenESB instances on the fly according to your usage
  • Explore our Cloud UI to monitor and track usage
  • Have great flexibility to choose your Infrastructure provider
  • Have Guaranteed SLA by LogiCoy
  • Use our 24/7 support for Cloud ESB

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