Sometimes, its all in the Cloud.




Cloud Application Development & Support

 Do you like to develop, build & deploy your applications on cloud? In short, do you want all your DevOps automated using cloud technologies? 

Today cloud platforms simplify the lifecycle of software development to a great extent. It greatly reduces time and cost, and provides efficiency in automating and managing your DevOps cycle on cloud. Let cloud keep track of deployments and deliverables. Take comfort in knowing that testing can now become much more efficient and simpler. Your development-to-production cycle will shorten dramatically. Most importantly, you can deliver with lightning speed using clouds capacity to make faster releases more frequently.

We provide application development and DevOps services on any cloud platform of your choice. You can rely on our expert team to handle the operations efficiently.

Why choose Logicoy for your Cloud Application Development and Support?

  • We have expertise on PaaS services such as Google App Engine, OpenShift, Cloudbees, etc.
  • Experience on using cloud connectors to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, etc.
  • Performance tuning for cloud usage
  • Configure application for auto-scaling, optimize cloud resources

To get started, request a demo and let our team get you set up with the perfect Cloud Platform.

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