BAM Business Activity Monitor

Business Activity Monitor

Business requires a lot of management. Thankfully, management can be made very easy. With Logicoy’s Business Activity Monitor (BAM), you can keep up to date on a comprehensive summary of business activities in your projects. With our user-friendly interface on our ESB Integration Monitoring Tool, staying on track of business is simple.

For operations managers and upper management, managing high volume of activities is easy with the BAM. We provide a sleek and simple dashboard for a huge variety of business activities. Our real-time updates can provide quick and easy-to-read summaries about various operations, transactions, and processes. Make the best of your business decisions by implementing a Business Activity Monitor, which runs easily through OpenESB.

Explore Some of our Exceptional Features:

  • A powerful dashboard with summarized information on various business activities
  • Ability to monitor SLA and performance times
  • Easy to identify errors and their related cause
  • Customized Reminders and Alerts based on your custom criteria
  • Plugin external BI tools for added reports

To get a feel for Logicoy’s Business Activity Monitor, check out our product and request a demo below. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Business Activity Monitor


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