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API Management

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Getting cutting-edge technology shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Get lightweight, small, and deployable units to get ahead in the cloud environment with our API Management tools. Let us provide all the building blocks you need for easy and convenient deployment of projects, all for a fraction of proprietary costs. No matter the site of your APIs, connect and manage them all at once with our advanced API management tools.

LogiCoy API Gateway is based on the community Open Source project ( with Apache 2.0 license. Equipped with a very light weight design and swift installment, LogiCoy API Gateway creates an easy to use system for any cloud environment. Simply provision and expose your internal service APIs or any other data anywhere (via OpenESB) to external clients securely and monitor them. Reduce the hassle and get up to speed with the newest in cloud software technology, all for a minimal cost through LogiCoy’s API Gateway.


Design and implement

• Manage your APIs from a single console

• Import existing API definitions (json format)

• Execute basic and complex policies

• Transform protocols and data formats

Secure and manage

• Protect your APIs via OAuth / Standard security schemesschemes

• Block users (when abusing the system)

• Apply rate limiting / quota limitation / …

• Govern API lifecycle from creation to end-of-life

• Manage API versioning

Publish and engage

• Publish your APIs with restricted or public visibility,

with dedicated API documentations based on RAML / Swagger / Markdown

• Let developers test APIs from the developer’s portal

• Generate and manage API Keys from portal

Monitor and analyze

• Provide dashboards : API response times, errors and success

• Track consumer analytics per API, per consumer, etc.


LogiCoy API Management Because…


  • Is developed to provide a full-stack API Management solution : gateway, admin, reporting, portal, tools, etc.
  • Is based on open source project with LGPLv2 license for development purposes. LogiCoy provides commercial subscription with 24×7 support plans and legal indemnification.
  • Provides customizable functionalities : policies, reporting, whatever else you need. You can do and develop anything.
  • Stores all data available in (1) a JSON format for human-readable data and (2) a binary format for policies and reporter bundles.
  • Contains multiple repository implementations to fit with your infrastructure (JDBC, MongoDB, etc…)
  • Can be integrated into multiple and heterogenous environment in terms of infrastructure, security, and more
  • Can be used and tested very quickly in several environment by using zip distribution, Docker containers

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