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Modernize your Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

App of the Month Webinar
Date: June 28, 2017
Time: 1:00 PM ET


LogiCoy PDMP EHR Link Application provides a high-speed, automated and secure connection from your EHR to query state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program databases.

Salient Application features:

  • Provide very low or zero cost automated secure connections from all existing EHRs to query State PDMP databases. Receive the patient’s controlled substance report within seconds to display in the EHR application or Document Imaging and Management System
  • Reduce or eliminate coding and timeline to on-ramp new connections from healthcare organization EHRs by utilizing the LogiCoy PDMP Link Service. This service has pre-built adapters for popular EHRs, allowing the connection to be configured without requiring coding on the EHRs.
  • LogiCoy PDMP Query System has capability to generate custome reports along with built-in reports. Reports can be exported to PDF, XL or CSV formats. Charts are generated to present analytical information in graphs.
  • Help Opioid Prescribers to prescribe and monitor opioids. We calculate risk for each patient on the basis of Morphine Milligram Equivalent dose ranges, Pain and Function scores, Opioid Misuse Risk scores and automated PDMP checks.
  • Provide state of the art automated data upload, cleansing, reporting features for PDMP.
  • Provide modern responsive Design, mobile device friendly Query, Alert, Analytics for PDMP.
  • Quickly adds or removes facilities without disruptions
  • Secured using HTTPS and username based authentication
  • Timely software/hardware upgrades to handle new consumers and load and complete software development for PDMP features

When it comes to automating healthcare, LogiCoy Focuses on reliability and efficiency to bring you the best possible experience using our Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. We offer exceptional maitenance and monitoring services, as well as world class 24×7 customer service to make sure your PDMP setup is always in excellent condition.

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