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LogiCoy is a California-based corporation incorporated by former Sun Microsystems Senior Directors, Architects and Developers. LogiCoy has extensive experience and expertise in providing SOA-based Enterprise Application Integration and Composite Application-based solutions.

LogiCoy products and solutions are based on various open source technology stacks including OpenESB, Mural MDM, OpenEMR, NHIN Connect, MySQL etc. Here at LogiCoy, we strongly believe in open source philosophy and are fully committed to it’s growth. We are active contributors to various open source communities and provide extremely competitive solutions and services to our clients.

LogiCoy combines its domain expertise (Finance, Telecom, Healthcare) and proven software development methodologies with one of the industry’s most talented former Sun and SeeBeyond development staff to deliver quality and cost-effective composite applications and solutions that leverage your legacy information.

Support Your Way

We have a variety of OpenESB Support plans to fit your company’s business and financial needs. Save you money while maintaining a top-class product.

Innovative Products

Our directors and developers are constantly developing or enhancing products. With new technologies in the pipeline, we maintain that innovation is a core value at LogiCoy.

Open Source

LogiCoy is dedicated to working with the Open Source community. This allows us to avoid insularity and ensure our developers and products are on the cutting edge of new technologies.

Clear Communication

Our number one priority is meeting our customer’s needs. Feel free to reach us anytime and we can ensure that LogiCoy is providing everything your company needs.

Recent Blog Posts

Learn from the top thought leaders in the industry.

LDAP for Authenticating Admin

This procedure explains how to enable LDAP authentication for logins to the GlassFish ESB Server Domain Administration Server (DAS). Logging in to the DAS is typically only performed by ESB Server administrators who want to use the ESB Server Administration Console or asadmin command. Environment : Glassfish ESB 2.2 LDAP Server : Apache Directory At […]

JBI Composite Applications with JavaEE

Most of the JBI composite applications in OpenESB are written using BPEL Service Engine. This is because BPEL allows us to orchestrate various webservices. But what if one wanted to write a simple composite application without using BPEL. Let’s say someone wants to use an EJB WS as part of a larger composite application without […]

Share sun-scheduler-bc jobs across instances

General Information: As we know  sun-scheduler-bc provides scheduling capabilities for initiating JBI services. The binding component is powered by http://www.opensymphony.com/quartz/, and allows you to schedule triggers to launch (consume) other JBI components. We can use this component to scheduled  “Simple“, or “Cron” or “Hybrid” trigger as we need. When you deploy any sun-scheduler based composite application into […]

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