Apache + Support


We’re big Apache lovers, so naturally, we want to provide the best support. We  provide 24×7 support for Apache Tomcat, and JBoss EAP 6.4 application servers and Java/J2EE/Fuse/… projects running on them. In particulur, we implement and support projects that leverage Apache Camel as a routing and mediation engine.

Below is a list of Components from Apache Camel that we provide full implementation and support for:

  • Quartz 2.x API – CAMEL-QUARTZ2 : component provides a scheduled delivery of messages using the Quartz Scheduler 2.x
  • Apache ActiveMQ – a mature, widely used open source message broker
  • Apache CXF – a smart web services suite (JAX-WS and JAX-RS)
  • Apache Karaf – a small OSGi based runtime in which applications can be deployed
  • Apache MINA – a high-performance NIO-driven networking framework
  • JMS / camel-jms : Working with JMS providers
  • JPA / camel-jpa : For using a database as a queue via the JPA specification for working with OpenJPA, Hibernate or TopLink
  • SJMS Batch / camel-sjms : A specialized JMS component for highly-performant transactional batch consumption from a queue.
  • SMTP / camel-mail : Sending email using SMTP and JavaMail
  • Stream / camel-stream :  Read or write to an input/output/error/file stream rather like unix pipes
  • Validation / camel-core (camel-spring for Camel 2.8 or older)
  • XQuery / camel-saxon

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