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World Class Global JCAPS, OpenESB, GlassFish ESB, GlassFish V2.x, V3, V4 24x7 Support, and Monitoring, and Installation, Migration and Implementation Services

Need Enterprise-Class Integration Infrastructure Software? Worried About Enhancements, Implementation and Support?

Don't spend millions on proprietary product licensing. Instead, use OpenESB. It's proven and you won't worry about implementation and support services. LogiCoy has a competent team of developers who created various OpenESB and has vast experience in development, service and product support. OpenESB now runs on Standalone JDK7, on GlassFish V3, on Tomcat and JBoss Application servers. 

LogiCoy has extensive experience upgrading interfaces and applications built with all versions of SeeBeyond Datagate, eGate, ICAN, to Sun JCAPS and GlassFish ESB. We have built toolkits that allow us to quickly and seamlessly integrate and upgrade.

LogiCoy combines domain expertise and proven software development methodologies with one of the industry's most talented previous Sun and SeeBeyond development staff to deliver quality composite applications that leverage your legacy information.

We are the actual developers of a large number of the JBI binding components in the OpenESB project. Our developers created the HL7, MQ, IMS, SAP, and Swift Binding Components and associated encoders. Currently, we are actively enhancing the HL7 binding component to make it production-ready and support the features recently requested by customers.

If you have a need to use any binding component or encoder in OpenESB that is not yet officially released by Sun as part of GlassFish ESB, need an Enhanced ESB monitor to support monitoring of FTP locations, database tables and send email notifications, or simply need support 24/7.

LogiCoy provides world class professional support for all it’s products and implementations. We have the following standard support plans for Open/GlassFish ESB. Please contact us at for pricing details.


Please contact us at for a customised support plan and detailed severity definitions.


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